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Winners of the Newgrounds Tank Awards 2009

2010-05-01 13:42:16 by MAM259

Best Movie of the Year: Tarboy
Best Game of the Year: Level Up!
Best Musician of the Year: Hania Lee
Best User of the Year: Joshua Tomar
I was really hoping for "Last of the Dashkin" to win, but I guess "Tarboy" was pretty cool too. I totally think "Level Up!" deserved to get it, and I think Hania and Joshua are totally amazing.

What do you guys think?


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2010-05-13 09:38:28

i agree with everything you just said im waiting on the sequal to all three tarboy, level up, and the last of the dashkin im most excited about the last of the dashkin lol

MAM259 responds:

Ooo... me too! What will happen to Bitey next?!!


2010-05-16 12:10:45

i think that your desision is stupid! no, just kiding.

MAM259 responds:

Glad you agree with me. :3


2011-02-05 20:46:39

Movies That Should've Won: I Only Watched Charlie the Unicorn 3 and it was hilarious and awesome, so I think it should've won.
Games That Should've Won: Another Small Favor, Back to the Cubeture, Ching Chone Beautiful, Dad Game, Epic Battle Fantasy 2, Gretel and Hansel, Miami Shark, Portal Defenders, and Toss the Turtle, so obviously I don't like the winners. However, I never watched Tarboy, so I'll probably not understand if it were a great movie or not, but I ever enjoyed Level Up. Part of the reason is because I didn't understand how to play the game. Oh Well, theres still next year.