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I'M DONE! ... oh... and voice actors needed

2010-06-12 11:59:00 by MAM259

Finally! School is now over and I can finally make flash animations. I'm a lazy bitch and I may only do about 3 or 4 animations this summer. See ya all later!


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2010-06-12 15:22:52

My Sponsering for flash animations is supreme i try to do my best with trying ensure that they will get everything that the client needs...

MAM259 responds:

Cool. I'll make some animations and we'll see what we can do.


2010-06-12 21:53:01

I would also try to do Voice Acting

MAM259 responds:

Well then get a microphone and show me what ya got!


2010-06-15 23:07:37

We have to Collaborate and Put me Under Sponser when you have Submitted Flash


2010-06-21 15:42:14

im willing to part with my voice...


2010-06-21 21:34:48

Hey,like your art and would like to be a part of your flash !

MAM259 responds:

Ok then I'll Pm you and let's see what you got.


2010-07-09 19:50:16

woot congrats on getting out of school if you tell me what to do id be more than happy to be a voice actor for you so yeah congrats on school being over mine just started again oh and im holding a contest on my deviant art and on here so yeah check that out.......... yep can't wait to be out of school lol i finish in september so let me know what ya want me to do ^_^ now that im back