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Happy Robot Day! Plus, I'm moving on.

2010-07-10 15:08:19 by MAM259

Sorry I couldn't submit anything due to time passing by. Next year, I'll.......................... MAKE SOMETHING!!!

I've had a lot of thinking and I decided to delete all of my pencil art and make Photoshop art instead. Don't worry, I'll still make them available in the Newgrounds Dumping Grounds in the future. So that's all for now. Expect animations soon. Which reminds me, I need voice actors, so PM me and let's see what ya got! This is why I need help. Don't worry, I don't animate like this and it isn't an episode of anything.

Oh, and I made a comic for Eddsworld. CHECK IT OUT!

Picture below designed by me in JAZZA's Robot Day game "Beat Bot". GO PLAY IT!

Happy Robot Day! Plus, I'm moving on.


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2010-07-15 00:56:54

Nice robot, Also, the voice acting thing cant go wasting all my money on an art class that is REALLY expensive (900$) and i wont be able to buy a mic that wont have a chance of shocking and killing me and can you see my art if its really worth the money for art?

MAM259 responds:

I saw your fan art at your account and it was amazing! MAKE ONE FOR ME!