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Simple, yet entertaining!

I liked it! Quiet music, normal difficulty, and common idea. Plus, the medals were easy to get. Make more games like this.

Oh Hulalaoo

I love you and all your quality spam!

Hulalaoo responds:

Same, i love me

It's nice, but not for Newgrounds

This game should be on a kids site. Still, nice game but boring at my age.


I loved it! So fun!

Nice game

It was fun and challenging, but it was a little difficult and the music was starting to get very annoying. So overall, not bad.

This is truly brilliant!

That was so mysterious and makes you wonder. It took away all my time and I'm happy that it did. That was amazing and so much fun! Thank you for this awesome game and waiting for the sequel is more exciting that anything else I've waited for! 190% worth Weekly Users' Choice!

Really good mind tester!

This was really fun and challenging, and good idea on pumping up the music! Thanks to Shael Riley and you for making this awesome game!

This was a really fun game!

I really liked it and it was a lot of fun. Although "Speedrun" medal was hard to get at first, I did it with an extra minute! Thanks for making this awesome game. Your animation and creativity deserves a cheer, too.

That was fun!

Finally, after 5 days, I got the Survivalist medal! It wasn't easy! I really hope to see more games like this some time soon. I love it!

Woah! This game rocks!

I love this game so much! Upgrading everything felt endless! I had a lot of fun playing this.

I'm just a dumb kid that loves to draw and loves to animate. I'm going to submit flash that has effort. In the mean time, watch some of my art. Thank you for anyone that took the time to visit my page. Wow! You're still reading this? Awesome!

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