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I'm just a dumb kid that loves to draw and loves to animate. I'm going to submit flash that has effort. In the mean time, watch some of my art. Thank you for anyone that took the time to visit my page. Wow! You're still reading this? Awesome!

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Ikhaa National School

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MAM259's News

Posted by MAM259 - February 21st, 2010

Go watch it now if you have some spare time. Check out my drawings, too.

Posted by MAM259 - January 22nd, 2010

Check out my account every week to see more of my drawings. Try not to give any negative reviews.

Posted by MAM259 - January 9th, 2010

Try not to give any negative comments, please.

Posted by MAM259 - December 28th, 2009

See, I haven't really showed you how I really draw. I drew with paint even though I knew it was a son of a *****. I'm gonna show you a drawing I drew in class, (lol), and show you how I really draw. Does it suck more than my last? Did it suck less? You decide.

P.S Mark Swain is everything on Newgrounds. They should change the slogan to "Everything By Mark"!

Kind of Important Info

Posted by MAM259 - December 21st, 2009

I've came up with a new ideas for my flashes. I came up with characters called "Emotion Motions". Now I know the drawing below sucks ass, but I used the Art tool instead of Flash, which I will get after I get a DAMN iMAC!

In othernews,
Mark Swain is awsome and can never be defeated. Ching Chong Beautiful was played by me a 100 times and will be played more, Mastermind is hilarious, and Blockhead is no doubt the best flash character on Newgrounds. Mark Swain is awsome! Yeah! He is! Yay! Wooh! Cool! yeah... I WANT AN iMAC NOW!

P.S The drawing below sucks and I'm sorry for it's suckness.

Unimportant Info

Posted by MAM259 - October 17th, 2009

Should I buy a Mac or a Windows 7 to make flash games? Someone please give me an answer!!!

Posted by MAM259 - August 2nd, 2009

I have no idea what to talk about??? Sooooooooooooooooooo, say anything you want.